Top 5 Reasons With Statistics Showing Why You Need A Website In 2021


With the emergence of lockdown, human interactions were cut off, and people started emerging towards contact-less interactions. At this time, the whole marketing and products were sold on the online platform itself. That’s the point in time when even a lot more people started understanding why exactly they need a website

According to customer experience statistics from 2020, almost 86% of the customers have started relying on the local businesses to make any purchase. 79% of the small business owners say that there is an expected 25% growth compared to the average company. According to, in the lockdown, the number of internet users has increased from 3.74 Billion in 2019 to 4.66 Billion in January 2021, almost 59.5% of the total world population. This clearly shows that the generation tends to move towards online sites for their needs and wants rather than offline stores. 

Why You Need A Website In 2021


Online websites are available 24*7, which means that your store is within your customers’ reach all the time they want. The customers get to know about the products and details according to their convenience around the globe, and the feedback through other customers will help boost their platform.

The customers will get to know about the website from every corner of the world, which helps improvise the reach and sales. The customers reach you and your website, and the SEO will get them to the products and expand their market at low costs. Going online reduces the costs of marketing, lighting, store rents, etc. This makes it comparatively vital than having a local or physical store! There are several other reasons indicating why every venture holder should need a website, so let us understand how.


According to Hubspot, more than 55.4% of the customers use their mobile for online shopping. The mobile users grew by 79% in 2020, boosting the shopping sites and their reach. One can see this as an excellent point in their career and growth as people spend most of their time on mobile phones, and they often get to go through sites rather than visiting malls and filtering out products. The number of online visitors has boosted drastically, and they have started getting into things more on the internet rather than visiting showrooms.


  1. Customer satisfaction

The customers tend to rely more on companies with a website rather than not having a website. According to Forbes, some sites show that 56% of customers tend to trust companies who have got a website. Having a good website can legitimate one’s business and can handle you in curbing your customers and positions in the market. Around 79% of the customers tend to believe the online ratings and feedback given by the customers, which rhetorically helps in attracting new customers and helps in catalyzing the growth.

  1. Professionalism 

A website can reflect on a company more professionally, and even 84% of the customers think owning a website can make your store look more professional and credible. 

  1. Attract new customers

A website and a good SEO can add more customers and boost one’s business rank in the list. Besides, having a good product in today’s market to increase their business drastically needs to get an excellent website to have trusted customers and reach. 

  1. Displaying prominent reviews

One can display prominent and excellent reviews about their products and their stores that can be a central point for new customers towards the website and the products. 

  1. Enhanced connection with the store.

One can contact you and your store super quickly if you have added your site with Google Maps, which helps boost your growth. It increases the reach of new customers, and one can get access to the store and thus can enhance the customer reach and marketing reach.


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  • Please keep it simple: While framing a good website, make it simple so that customers of every age group can use it conveniently for every customer of their reach. You can contact Dynamic Web Development for a properly designed website that can attract more customers and drive more attraction to the site with good looks and SEO. 
  • Make it attractive: Some specific colors and compositions can attract more customers and bring more attention to the website. We acknowledge all those things as the priority to get the most attention of the customers. Making a website fast, reliable, and attractive drives customers and brings in an excellent mental impression that tends to make visitors as customers.
  • SEO: Although this point isn’t necessary before making a website, but yeah, it’s definitely required to be done as an activity on a website to meet your desired expectations. So always choose the best SEO agency in Singapore, as it will be the spine to your business expectations!

A good website creates an impression in customers’ heads and thus imprints about your website and things. One needs to invest wisely in framing a new website as it personifies the brand and creates an impression in one’s head. Investing in creating a website is better than that on an advertisement. 


One will definitely need a website in 2021, as it is always on work even if you are unavailable! Let that sink in, your customers can reach you and your content even when you are unavailable, and have a complete grip over your website and your services. The online platform allows access to all your customers, and one can get connected directly to their customers and their feedback. Along these lines, comes the necessity of hiring the best Website Designing and Developing Agency! Get in touch with us here, and get the best Website development, Website designing, Seo, Social media marketing, & Graphic designing services at one place.

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